Mango Pick

Aim: To develop a fun based game from real time situation.

Audience Age Group: Nationality; Age Group: X and above

The Concept:
The Gamer is standing front of a mango tree (in a garden) where the intention is to pick and steal as many the mangoes as possible before the Gardner catches hold of the Gamer. The Gamer needs to shoot (using a Catapault) as many as mangoes as possible and collect them in the basket by moving the basket below the falling mango in the allocated time. The mangoes can fall either by shooting them with Catapault or they can fall automatically when ripe. The mangoes will have 3 type i.e. raw mango, semi-ripe mango and fully ripe mango. If the gamer keeps on collecting mangoes after the time period then there are high chances that the Gardner will catch hold of you and you will need to pay a fine. So, leave as soon as time period is over. This marks the end of the stage.

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